"You, Me, She..............and HER?" (Strip 10#)

Poor, little 'no-man-keeping' Rhea! *tsk-*tsk", Like the old folks used to say: All that 'pretty' on the outside wasted with all that inside ugly. I  do love writing for her character though because Rhea is so narcissistic that she can't help it, and people who are extremely self-aware are interesting in the way a dog licking his own balls are.....ya-just-gotta'-watch!. Even "Sixties", who's far from being an altruistic & empathetic  type himself can't stomach someone being that stuck on themselves! 
*As for dating a married man, that's pretty low by itself and I won't even start on breaking up a marriage for your own selfish needs BUT I will say this : you gotta' marry someone you're hot for, and I mean they have to entice your lower region as well as the upper hemisphere or you may be doomed to .............wander.


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  2. duck-faced??? *tsk-*tsk

  3. I answer to my muse, what can I say?
    (whistling as hands adjusts halo and smooths down the feathers on my gossamer wings)

  4. Ha! Ha! Ok, this is a trip! Yeah, so, if you are going to be a jump off, you betta be the only one? LOL! That's funny. Do men actually have one mistress? I don't think so. Especially, if they don't care about the one at home. Or, could a man have that one special "one that got away"? Either way, it's f---ed. Lena, you are right. It is a selfish act. And you only get caught up in your own delusions. Rhea needs to get a hobby and pop those tits on someone with some real "benefits"!

  5. THANKS "Stormy Monday"!
    Yeahhhhh, I'm not preaching here ( cuz' I'm no saint) but I was reminded of the "Tiger Woods circus" where every Mel's Diner-Hooters waitress he banged thought she was the only one..know your place as the "Jump-off" I don't advocate adultery and I do realize there are even situations where it seems "reasonable" and almost unavoidable but reflecting on a convo I had with my brother just the other day..find-another-way to get through those feelings and wait if necessary.
    ..and haha, I like how you combined the previous cartoon "Benefits" with this one, niiiice!