"Guest Poet Spotlight 1#"......L.Monique

This is a poem I heard recently by talented spoken word artist L.Monique.
Honestly, I wasn't really feeling the poem at first BUT recently I had a good friend help me see another perspective...... The cool thing is it gave me the idea for "Guest Poet Spotlight". Unlike my cartoons on here that are based on no one in particular , the Guest poet will always be a caricature likeness of the actual person.
Check it...

Ode to.........the Other Monique
By L. Monique

There once was a little fat girl from Brooklyn
upon her head
thick nappy curls kept folks lookin’
at a dark little berry
with the sweetest juice
around her pudgy little neck
societies ideal beauty image feeling like a noose

during yesteryears of
thick thighs -joined together by
friction, cornstarch & summer’s humidity

and so her story began
that was then

it’s now 30years and 2children later
and she’s grown up and become
a Skinny Bitch
and like her
if you haven’t already noticed..........they’re popping up everywhere!

I mean; Skinny Bitches go to school
Skinny Bitches go to the mall
some Skinny Bitches perform poetry
plenty can be found at the job
and them Pretty Skinny Bitches.... well, we all know
they’re the worst of all

but the plain, simple, unspoken truth is...
Skinny Bitches hate being called......... Skinny Bitches

hate not being able to discuss our latest shopping spree
because talking about our dress size makes you
feel uncomfortable

Hate having to eat like a fat girl
small portions in public
large snacks in private because
your constant noticing and mentioning of

“you gonna eat all that, if I ate that
if I even looked at that, a moment on the lips a lifetime..... yada, yada, yada”
is becoming a real pain in our boney asses!

And so, I say to you today - to Skinny Bitches everywhere
Rise Up! - Stand Up On Your Feet!
Place the fist attached to your puny arms in the air and
clearly enunciate; to women larger than you everywhere
Get The Fuck Over It!

Because We Skinny Bitches
wish you would
wish you could

wish you could - empower yourself without putting others down
Wish you would - truly embrace your womanism
acknowledge and know
that most, if not all women in the world
are at sometime in their lives.... insecure about something

so stop hating me when I complain about
how I look in an outfit
how I hate being a member of the itty bitty committee
though you have to admit
needing no more than one hook in your bra is not only
so much less expensive and so much more expeditious
it’s also kinda cool
but I digress.... Pardon me
and allow me to mention

how I dread going to the gym but
know I need to work out because thin does not necessarily equal healthy
stop hating - stop hating - stop frowning up your face - get your hands off your waist
when you hear me speak
of how I’m watching what I eat
because though a few extra pounds aren’t a major concern
and I really wouldn’t mind having a little more junk in my trunk
I still don’t want to die from
high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease

so please - do recall

there once was a little fat girl from Brooklyn
now that she’s grown and thin folks are still lookin’
unable to see how heavy she really is

throwing down in the kitchen, the bedroom, the boardroom-
totally handling her biz
there once was a little fat girl from Brooklyn

but now she prayers every day
for feminine energy to make a way
for ALL WOMEN in the world to collectively say...
No Matter What Package You Are In
I See You
and You Have My Respect

L. Monique 9/07

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