"JUICE!" Bohemian Cafe Comic Strip 4#

This is an old strip that I'm finally posting on the blog. Before I created the "Bohemian Cafe`" graphic novella, I drew 'B.Cafe' as a comic strip that used to appear in "Cultural Calendar", "COMEDY" magazine, 'SOTAC" magazine and 'SILK' magazine. I felt limited by the typical four to six panels with the set-up & punchline in the end ( and I honestly didn't think the 'Almighty' newspaper syndicates were going to make a room for another ethnic cartoon) So I adapted to the graphic novella; changing my whole storytelling style to a detailed,longer, more adult format with an ongoing storyline.
But I still like drawing and writing the strips, it's also a great way to introduce each character's modis operandi ... these lil
quick snippets into who they are.


  1. I like this Lena! The Juice! Man, I think my juice done gone concentrate! LOL!

  2. LOL!! The image of that is bananas!
    I'm glad you liked it. :-)