"Keepin' It Real"....Bohemian Cafe Strip 5#

What can I say about the inspiration behind this particular strip..... HATERZ!
We all have 'em, some of us more than others and if you don't....hey, YOU must be the hater! Now, I do think honesty is the best policy for the most part, BUT I also think one should use tact when attempting to confront or advise another but 'hurt people hurt people' soooooo.... either learn not to ask someone's honest opinion, or deal with it! There's a BIG difference in offering someone the metaphorical 'blue pill' to swallow and shoving it down their dry throat!


  1. Nicole Harper8/31/09, 2:41 PM

    This one was too funny! I love Sixties! I need someone like him in my life for real! :)

  2. LOL! Girl, I had a Sixties( he and a few others were partially the inspiration ) and he moved :-(
    I let him make all the snarky comments, and I just laughed (quietly,I'm never that mean-spirited)