"Punany Poet Spotlight 2#.....Honey Taylor

..Next up on the mic in Bohemian Cafe's "Punany Poets" series; is a lovely, lady lyricist with words hot like lava and a message like the neighborhood Paul Revere! She's rockin' rhymes AND droppin' dime. (fellas pay attention!) Do yourself a favor; if you haven't seen "The Punany Poets"LIVE....GO! In the meantime though, please show some love and come get yo'self a taste of Honey ........

By Honey Taylor

Hello I’m Honey and I’m here to talk about "TANS"...... the absolute WORST, FUCKED UP kind of man. You may be curious as to what a TAN is, well just listen up while I give you the biz. TAN is an acronym for Tryfin’ Ass Nigga, the ones who lie and cheat not the ones married like Jigga. ....And don’t get it twisted, TANS ain’t only black,it ain’t a race thing it’s about how they act. A TAN keeps you involved in nothing but drama,from sideline hoe’s to hood rat baby mamas. They can cause wars on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, have you ready to slap the lips off the next bitch face… who don’t know her place when it comes to yo’ man,but you mustn’t forget girl you gotta TAN. TANS play with your heart and they play with your mind, have you fall in love with they ass and then turn you blind. Let’s jump back to the mind, girl you will lose it. If you messin’ with a TAN you need to quit. ‘cause he ain’t legit and you ain’t a MC…just take my advice, please listen to me. My rhymes are elementary but my message is genius, don’t confuse love with some bomb ass penis. And I really do mean this, the shit ain’t worth it. Why should the one you love, keep you cryin’ and hurtin’? Have you stressin and worried about his location laid up with the next bitch before y’all vacation. It be the same situation time and time again, let his ass go & find a good man. He clearly ain’t the one, so chuck up the two. He gon’ stay doin’ him, so leave his ass and do you! What you need is some sun block SPF 1 Hunnid, keep on listenin’ to me and ima keep it 1 Hunnid. Sun block’s the good guy a.k.a. 'Mr. Right' , the dude that is tucked with you late at night. Sun block won’t make you “wifey”, he’ll make you his wife. This is the kind of man that you need In your life. You’ll love him, but he’ll love you more. And he ain’t the creepin’ type, no he ain’t a man whore. He’s not just a baby daddy, nope he’s a father.You don’t have to Kelis him... “no thank you, your honor”. 1st Lady Michelle has sun block and Jada Pinkett do too, the shelves are full of that good shit…just waiting for you. So ladies stop TANNING, stay out of the sun and quit messing with people’s ghetto ass sons.They don’t deserve us, no we can do better, and quit wasting your time & money on jail visits and letters. Live your life in the shade, TAN – Free and breezy after awhile this shit get’s real easy. When it comes to relationships I’m not an expert, but I know first hand how it feels to be hurt. Now I want to help others, because I couldn’t help me, but I lived and I learned and now I’m TAN –Free!
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  1. Sang susta sang! Make it do what it do Honey!

  2. LOL! Yeah, I think we have all had a TAN before( at least once)