CELEBRITY POET 1#...Punany Poet Creator......Jessica Holter !!!

....Ok, what lover of spoken word is not familiar with "The Punany Poets"? I first became acquainted with the creator Jessica Holter and her troupe of thespians erotique' when they first appeared on that infamous episode of HBO's "REAL SEX: back in the mid 90's ; I've been a fan ever since.
She's mad cool and I'm delighted to have her here as a guest, virtually anyway, at The Bohenian Cafe`.....CHECK IT!
White Chocolate Cherry
by Ghetto Girl Blue ( a.k.a Jessica Holter)
Her daddy’s sho nuff mad
Thinkin’ of all the black dick she had
Like a video vixen, scantily clad
She stepping out the pad

White Chocolate Cherry
She a ghetto dweller
No one can tell her
She ain’t a niggah
White can’t get wit her
the burbs don’t fit her

You can’t divide
Her creamy thighs
You can not lay her down
Unless your skin is brown
What’s a soccer Mom to do?
She’s got gold ones too
Grinning at your man
Got his money in her hand
making wifey plans
She up to no good
She so damn hood

White Chocolate Cherry
She speak ebonic’ly
She roll her eyes
She fuss and fight
She on a mission
Her composition
Sho’ get attention
Wit her extensions
She roll her head
Three inch acrylics
Spit hip hop lyrics
Just like she wrote them

She’s an alabaster queen
Redefining what Black Love means
Ass like a anthem
Swag like a phantom
Even dread heads can’t resist
The temptation in her hips
White Chocolate Cherry
She up to no good
She so damn hood

by Ghetto Girl Blue

Property Of Jessica Holter, "All rights reserved"(®)


  1. OMG Lena you are a friggin GENIUS!!! This picture looks JUST like me!!!! I'm going to post it on my site with a link to your page! Can you please give us a call to talk about your plans for the Bohemian Cafe....I have an idea. It may be one you already have but I can help!

    Much respect!

    Ps.Have you drawn Mahogany Brown

    I had a fun time drawing it...(and hubby had a fun time watching it being drawn, LOL!)I'll hit definitely you up ASAP,I gladly welcome your expertise!
    I haven't drawn "Mahogany Brown" yet but I am working on "Honey Taylor"!

    As always, PEACE & BLESSINGS(and respect back!)!

  3. Ma'Claim8/9/09, 1:32 PM

    LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I've seen Jessica and Punany Poets perform several times and the show gets even hotter. these cartoons are too funny is there a book out man and I love anything sexy and fresh or funny

  4. DesignerGal8/9/09, 4:28 PM

    Nice one! Love your picture of "Ghetto Girl Blue", HOT! I can't wait to read your comic book when it comes out..Is it out yet?

  5. I so agree with Jessica! You are a genius! I loved the glimpse I saw and I can't wait to see what everyone is up to in the cafe... for now I'll sit outside until the doors open! Luv Ya! Jewel (lol)

  6. THANK YOU JEWEL!!! (blushing, I'm just tryin' to not work a desk job, soooo not for me, LOL!)
    Please come back again and holla' at me if you have some poetry to share......