Def Row Poets In Da' House .....( Character Breakdown)

The Death Row Poets; are a team of unlikely rival poets that slam against the 'Jazzy-Funk Nasties' in the "Bohemian Cafe" novella. I was inspired by episodes of "OZ", HBO's now defunct TV show about prison life. Unfortunately even creative souls can be criminals( or is it the other way around, IDK ?) Well, I just thought it would be interesting, no make that....FUNNY to have a group of poets really beef with each other, ya' know like rappers do ( not quite on that Tupac-Biggie tip, but..) So "The Death Row Poets" were created,fresh from a 6 year lock-down in Riker’s Island State Penitentiary where they were the undefeated and (unopposed) state champs! Homicide, Burn Rubber, Manslaughter,Lady Larceny and Prickly Fingaz’

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