" GOT OPEN MIC?" ....... Strip 7#


* I just did this strip this week for "Urban Tymes" magazine. My editor wanted something encompassing all that February had going on: Black History Month, Valentine's Day and last but not least for fans of HBCU football , THE CIAA TOURNAMENT WEEK! ( I can't's gonna' be like 'Emerald City' from "TheWIZ'  up in the joint!) Anyway, these pseudo-poets I created for this strip are not regulars of the "Bohemian Cafe" cast but they are representational of all the 'open-mic nights' I've gone to and seen just about every 'spoken-word stereotype' out there...the good, the bad and the WTF?
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For the 'urban connoisseur'.....


  1. LOVED IT! that is how open mic is in my city and I could see this as a TV show like the Boondocks, not for kids at all.

  2. i likes, you got skillz.
    That slideshow is hot!

  3. Hi
    I heard about your work through a friend this is really good. it is nice to see one of us doing something so different and creative in art.Do you do request because I would like to see myself as a cartoon at your cafe'?