"The United Bras Of Facebook" .......Strip #8

This strip now appears on "Uban Tymes" magazine @
Okay, if you're on Facebook you already know what inspired this strip; National "United-Bras-Of-Facebook" day as I like to refer to it was a pretty good idea, fun and although not as effective as one would did get NATIONAL attention!
As I recall a day in advance I received a email from a close acquaintance stating 'that in honor of Breast-Cancer Survivors and the ongoing research in the field, women were showing our sympathy and sisterly solidarity by posting the color( and only the color) of our bras as our status. The message also said 'Don't tell the men, our secret' ....and well, EVERYONE loves a secret so I didn't tell my husband( What he doesn't know won't hurt him,right?) or any other man. ...but that was me. 
Many ladies in the sisterhood of undergarments couldn't keep their big mouths shut though, and what started out as a good cause on the down-low became a day of pranks and in many cases an excuse for some chicks to show off their sexy side to virtual strangers ( some of the descriptions were straight out of a "Fredrick's Of Hollywood" catalog----->Black-see-through-lace with red velvet-hearts on a Monday morning ?? C'MON, QUIT LYIN'! I thought to myself, even strippers probably wear plain old white bras on Monday. ( for the record mine was strawberry pink, it just kinda' worked out like that *wink*)
Anyway, a fun time was had by all and hopefully it DID get people thinking about Breast Cancer some point.


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  2. LOVE the artwork! My boyfriend (Terrance) told me about your comic and I am reading it at work while hiding from my boss. I'm seldom on facebook but I heard about the bra controversy from people here.we need to do more about breast cancer because people are dying left and right including men. you don't hear that often but it happens. It is not a laughing matter but I suppose a cartoon can get people to pay attention quicker than a sad story on the news.